Contract To Close

As your Transaction Coordination Managers, we will provide the following services, which will allow you to focus on lead generation:

Full Service Residential Contract to Close = $395/contract

Full Service Commercial Contract to Close = Price on Application

  • Review purchase and sales documents for accuracy and completion.
  • Email a copy of the fully executed contract and all amendments to client, lender, Title Company or as requested.
  • Provide a clear understanding of the contractual process to client.
  • Note all contingencies and deadlines for follow-up.
  • Verify loan pre-qualification/pre-approval with lender.
  • Note required municipal/gas/fire/back flow inspections and certificate requirements.
  • Verify buyer has made loan application and the lender expects to meet loan commitment deadline.
  • Verify Title Company has ordered Title Report.
  • Note what repairs are required as a result of the Inspection Notice resolution.
  • Order survey if required.
  • Oversee the timely removal and satisfaction of contractual contingencies.
  • Explain results of survey to client and offer options to resolve any encroachments.
  • Verify appraisal has been ordered.
  • Maintain contact with the lender to ensure financial contingency deadline is met.
  • Be available to all stakeholders by phone/email/text or fax throughout transaction.
  • Work to resolve miscellaneous details as required.
  • Liaise with co-agent regarding progress of repairs/municipal inspections, etc.
  • Update all parties whenever needed.
  • Order home warranty where applicable.
  • Organize One Source for buyer utility connections or advise sellers of telephone contacts for disconnection of utility services.
  • Follow up on completion of work required by the contract and organize the delivery of receipts and lien waivers as necessary.
  • Schedule closing with Title Company,
  • Review HUD prior to closing to verify accuracy and forward to client for review.
  • Any necessary follow ups with all parties during and after closing.

Please note, due to the work involved, all files that do not close or are Mutually Released will incur a minimum $175.00 fee, if terminated early in the transaction.  If the file has been fully processed by our team, the full fee will be payable.

Just need to have your file made compliant to your Broker & MREC standards?     We can do that too!

We will take all of your documents, put them in order, ensure they are correctly completed and none are missing.  We will then submit them to your office – COMPLIANT – so you get paid on time!  Cost is $150.00



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