Love this team of people! They are my right hand and allow me to do what I do..SELL… while they tie up the loose ends on my behalf. Can’t say enough about the integrity and professionalism of Mastroianni Consulting!
Michelle Clagett (Realtor)
An awesome service!  The Mastroianni Consulting Team were wonderful to work with.  They did so much work and helped me understand what was going on every step of the way.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jeff Pries (Seller)

With the complicated nature of real estate transactions and the amount of information and misinformation available to our clients, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have the ability to focus on the most important part of the interaction so that the client is better served. By hiring specialists like Mastroianni Consulting everyone wins.
D. Burns (Realtor)
Mastroianni Consulting Team, I want to thank you for your expertise, hard work and dedication to raising the bar in our industry.  You make me look great and my clients love you.  You are first class all the way!
Karen Smugala (Realtor)
Vennessa, thank you for your wonderful help with my file.  It was nice to have a partner through the process.  More coming!
Bill Lakin (Commercial Realtor)
Thank you so much for being there and all you did to get us into our house.  I appreciate you stepping in and answering all of my questions.  You truly are amazing and I am so glad you were there to help.  You eased my mind and were such a source of knowledge and comfort!
Kim Ray & Walter Davis
Mastroianni Consulting, thank you so much for all of your efforts on my file.  I know that it was truly a challenge.  Thanks for having my back and helping to get it closed!
Erika Johnson (Realtor)
Thanks to each one of you for your help through this entire process!  You certainly made things easier for me (and Mom).
Jennifer Azar
We sold one house and bought another on the same day.  Working with Karen at Mastroianni Consulting to get to that point made the difference. Thanks for all of your help, Karen, and for being soooo personable.  It was a pleasure working with you!
Sandy & Bob Arella
We wanted to thank Karen for all of the help with our house sale.  She was great to work with, is very knowledgeable with great customer service skills.
Mike & Linda Paasch
I wanted to take a moment and extend our thanks from Jamie and me. I truly believe your efforts are the number one reason our home was finally able to sell. Karen’s patience and constant follow up with the buyers agent I think pushed through a difficult sale.  The closing statement showed what your company was paid for the services you provided, and I can attest to the fact that it was nowhere near enough. You did the bulk of the work by far.  Thanks again, we really appreciated your help.
David & Jamie Powell

Excellent contract to close services. Attention to detail to take your mind off of the paper requirements and focus on the people part of real estate. Vennessa and her team excel in their performance for their clients.
Molly Nunez
You Are On It!! I love you guys so much!  Mastroianni Consulting Rocks!!!
Joanne Balis
Thank you so much!
I always feel like I have a great team, with you on my side! 🌸
Angie Van Kirk
Thank you all so much for your help and all that you do.  I couldn’t do it without you!
Bob Ecker
Just wanted to say ‘Thank You!’ to Mastroianni Consulting for the recognition of our new baby Jack and the wonderful flowers! Your help during these transitions are never overlooked and always appreciated. Cheers!
Chris Hill
Every transaction that involved the Mastroianni group went smoothly! They’re a great resource for those busy Realtors that prefer to not deal with the tedious paperwork!
Molly Sullivan
This team has helped my business so much. Listing Support, Transaction Coordination, they do it all. Thank you for all you have done to help my business grow.
Toyin Oduwole
Their entire team is on top of it and very detail oriented. Mastroianni Consulting has been a very effective and valuable addition to our brokerage.
Adam Kruse, Broker – The Hermann London Group

I have always ~ and will always trust your team!
Angela Van Kirk
Simply the best there is!! Vennessa and her team are instrumental in my business. They handle all the paperwork and details which allows me to do what I love to do-SELL!
Peter Trout
Vennessa and her team are life savers; I won’t do a deal without them. They meticulously take care of the details I don’t want to do myself and the ones I wouldn’t know how to do. This gives me time to work on my business. As an added plus, my clients love them and they make me look good. I’ve always trusted them, and I’ve never been disappointed. They are the best!
Julie Schroeder
All of my experiences with MC have been exemplary. From the initial email until the transaction closed, MC staff remained in contact with me and my clients, every step of the way. All communication was clear, concise and transparent. I have previously and will continue to recommend MC to my colleagues who may be looking for a reliable Contract to Close team. Thanks for all that you do!
Theresa Powderly-Ravens
Vennessa was such a wonderful support to us, above and beyond what was required.  She was calm, compassionate and committed to our best interests every step of the way.
Joyce & Richard S – Sellers
I am not sure if I have directly thank you, but wanted to tell you thanks so much for all of your help!  You guys are lifesavers!  I really appreciate ALL that you and your team do!Danielle Adams
I was literally drowning in paperwork before I engaged Mastroianni Consulting.  I was shocked such a service existed!  They interacted successfully between the title company, lender, property management company, buyer’s agent and my clients all the way through to closing.  They are amazing!  Always knowledgeable, professional and super-efficient.  Even at times when I know they are busy they always answer the phone with a smile.  Consistently.  I have been recommending their services to whomever will listen and am so thankful for such a wonderful, value added service.
Maria Stewart – Coldwell Banker Gundaker Ladue
I have tried other transaction coordinators…..  THERE IS NO COMPARISON!  Mastroianni Consulting is the best!
Geoff Jones
My name is Dave Rudolph and I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Mastroianni Consulting and directly with Jennifer Ott.  I won’t go into too many details as to the complications I had with the seller, their Realtor and their title company but I would like to relay the appreciation I have for Jennifer’s continued support, understanding and follow through in handling the issues.  Every question and concern was answered immediately and professionally.  I don’t buy many houses so the process was a bit nerve racking and Jennifer stayed on top of things and kept my mind at ease.
A very happy customer, Dave Rudolph.
I was a new Realtor and struggling with keeping up with all of the “behind the scenes” paperwork when my goal was to focus on speaking with my clients.  Becoming frustrated, I had a friend in the business who referred me to Mastroianni Consulting.  Vennessa now handles the paperwork and is always professional with me and my clients.  My business has skyrocketed since I began using their services and I am now able to focus on my customer which makes them happy and my income is higher due to multiple referrals because of the great experience as a whole.
Jacob Kwaitkowski
Vennessa and her team have taken fantastic care of each and every one of my clients.  Vennessa is prompt and always professional.  She has an uncanny knack for diffusing the concerns of even the most difficult and nervous clients, while earning the favor of everyone with whom she works.  Simply put, Vennessa’s contract to closing services are essential to the success of my real estate business.
Eric Bronner
I spoke with Vennessa yesterday and she was just as kind and patient with me as though I was bringing in a million dollar deal. Wow, way to go ladies! I am impressed and very grateful.  Even though I am a little gold fish in the pond I do have friends and church members with nice big homes and if they ever need a realtor I will always remember Vennessa and will send them your way. Thank you all for taking the time with my little small business. I see you all are very professional and treat every client with the same level of dignity and respect, no matter how small the deal is.
A most grateful client,
Jessie aka Jessica (seller)
Working with Mastroianni Consulting in 2014, my business GREW 200% !  I can’t wait to see 2015’s year-end results!  I wouldn’t work with any other Contract to Close specialists.
Liz Ross
Vennessa makes me look like a Rock Star!  Her knowledge and experience saved me several deals in my early days.  Words can’t express my gratitude.
Drake Maret
From the beginning of my ‘new’ career, Vennessa and her team have been beside me all the way.  I have learned so much working with them and I consider them Partners in my business!
Patty Herzog.


One comment

  1. The team at Mastroianni consulting held my hand through such a stressful time in my life and I will forever be greatful to them.

    They took care of me emotionally as well as all of the paperwork, inspections and negotiations involved in the most stressful period of ones life(the sale and purchase of a home).

    It was a breeze thanks to Vennessa and her team!! I couldn’t recommend them more!

    A. Beaumont

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