Broker & MREC Required Compliance

Adhering to the requirements of the Missouri Real Estate Commission can be a challenge when you are focusing on building a business.  Here again Mastroianni Consulting can assist!  As experienced file reviewers we can review your office files ensuring there are no gaps, no missing documents, no red flags! and NO BREACHES in your Fiduciary Duty of Care to your Clients.

Agents, we can assist you to submit a Compliant File to your Office so that you get paid on time!  The cost is $150.

(636) 220-7481 |

Brokers, we can assist with Contract to Close & Compliance training for your agents.  We can also relieve you of the burden of file reviews and concern about an MREC Audit.  Other services to Brokers are offered.  Please contact Vennessa Mastroianni for further information.

(636) 220-7481 |

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