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Delegating Transaction Management to Increase Efficiency | Mastroianni Consulting

Delegating is the key to building a business.  While it may seem that giving up some control can seem like an overwhelming concept, delegating doesn’t have to mean losing control—it’s all about balance.  Delegating, even if you’re a solo agent, can have myriad benefits for your business.  Here’s how Mastroianni Consulting can help you grow by making you more efficient:

Less day-to-day responsibilities.  Your schedule is already packed.  You’ve got time blocked off for lead generation calls, you’re following up with leads and past clients, you’re running around for appointments—there’s simply not enough time to do every little thing yourself without sacrificing something.

More time to focus on what matters.  Letting another professional take on the paperwork and transaction follow-ups will give you more time to focus on what really impacts your bottom line: getting leads and securing business.  Delegating means that you’re transitioning to a supervisory role.

Fewer errors and misplaced information.  If you’re trying to do everything yourself, things will start falling through the cracks.  You’ll start to notice that you forgot to save some paperwork to a transaction folder, or you are behind on reminding your clients to shut off their utilities before their closing.  These little things can add up, making your business extremely disorganized and ultimately affecting your profits.

Affordability.  If you are worried about the affordability aspect, think of it in terms of saving money because you’ll be more organized and more efficient.  In essence, it is an investment in your time and business; a business expense that seeds your growth.


MASTROIANNI CONSULTING is a unique consultancy firm specializing in the management of real estate transactions on behalf of Realtors and their clients.  We are not transaction coordinators, but transaction managers.  It is our goal to help others succeed in Real Estate by offering Transaction & Listing Coordination whilst providing an enhanced client experience to both Realtors and their clients.  Through Mastroianni Consulting, you will receive the professional care you need to grow your business without the overhead expense of an employee.

Our professional approach is the perfect platform to really make a difference to your business!  We close thousands of transactions every year and have vast experience navigating the pitfalls that can arise and sour your deal.  As an added bonus, we guarantee compliance with the standards of the Missouri Real Estate Commission, thereby protecting your license and that of your Broker.

Throughout every transaction you will feel the strength of our experience and value the quality of our work.  Put simply, we make you look good and that means more referrals and repeat business for you.  We offer Contract To Close Management and Listing Support. These services are incredibly valuable and help you, the Agent, free up your time to handle the most important 20% of your business…LEAD GENERATION.  Typically you will spend 19 hours conducting a smooth Contract to Close transaction. Let us take that 80% off your hands!  Just imagine what you could do with all that extra time!

We look forward to showing you that by leveraging your business and outsourcing these critical tasks you will achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

“Teamwork divides the tasks and doubles the success.”