Email Subject Lines: Words to stay away from | MASTROIANNI CONSULTING

Whether you are email marketing or simply sending an email, the words and phrases that you use in the subject line often determines whether your email gets through or is sent to the spam folder.  Here are 50 subject lines real estate agents should avoid using.

Avoid using special characters:

1.  100%guarantee
2.  Open house TODAY!!!!
3.  Save $$$ on this flipper

Avoid call to actions:

4.  act now
5.  apply now
6.  call now
7.  limited time
8.  click here
9.  hot information you requested

Avoid greetings in the subject line:

10.  Dear friend, today is the day to list your home

Avoid anything that looks like yelling, starts with a $ sign or has unnecessary spaces:

11.  JUST LISTED!!!!
12.  Can someone say v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n home?
13.  O p e n H o u s e t h I s S a t u r d a y
14.  $150,000 2 bed/1 bath condo just reduced

Avoid these words as professional spammers have tainted them:

15.  credit
16.  lower your mortgage
17.  offer
18.  refinanced
19.  loans
20.  easy terms
21.  mortgage
22.  cash bonus
23.  buy
24.  financial freedom
25.  make money
26.  satisfaction
27.  discount
28.  your family
29.  consolidate
30.  lowest rates
31.  now only
32.  compare
33.  don’t
34.  You’re a winner!
35.  extra income
36.  instant
37.  fast cash
38.  free
39.  free access
40.  free gift
41.  free offer
42.  get out of debt
43.  earn
44.  hello
45.  hidden
46.  delete
47.  amazing
48.  avoid
49.  stop
50.  collect

Source:  eMerge

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