Ten Business Relationships Every Realtor Should Have | MASTROIANNI CONSULTING

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t be all things to all people”?   That is the reason every real estate agent needs a circle of relevant professionals; people to call on for answers or services that the agent can’t provide.

When you build strategic relationships with businesses in auxiliary services, you will find that they are targeting the same audience as you.   Not only are you making recommendations to your clients, they can also provide opportunities and referrals to your business.

Here are the ten business relationships every real estate agent should have:

  1.  Financial professionals & institutions
  2.  Loan officers & mortgage brokers
  3. Architects and builders
  4. Appraisers and inspectors
  5. Legal professionals
  6. Title & insurance companies
  7. Moving & storage companies
  8. Contractors
  9. Landscaping & cleaning services
  10. Maintenance professionals

Cultivating business relationships with other professionals and organizations in your community can strengthen your referral network and highlight your expertise.

Source:  Listhub

For more tips on building your business, please contact the Client Care Specialists at Mastroianni Consulting.

To reach us, please call (636) 220 7481 or email: clientcare@mastroianniconsulting.com

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