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In “The 12 Week Year,” Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington address the challenge of why some people get more accomplished than others.  They advocate that you can more easily develop consistent execution by implementing a scalable 12-week system.  The key is to focus on one week at a time.

Every day of the week counts.
By changing your focus from 365 days to shorter timeframes you are better able to inspect your progress (or lack of it).  To successfully accomplish this, you must begin by readjusting your daily activities.  A Daily Success Habits Tracker is one of the best tools to help you do this.  Use this tracker each day to record a daily target for a specific number of calls, handwritten notes and other dollar-productive activities that will help you develop incremental success habits every day.

Track your time and eliminate fake work.
Learn to focus on activities that create opportunities for you.  For example, target a specific age demographic that may be ready to move and offer them information, solutions and options.  It is important to not rely on new ‘magic’ platforms or super systems.  Pick up the phone for an hour every day and connect with people who need your services to see measurable results.

Deadlines create urgency.
People focus on the finish line and increase their activities once it is in sight.  Change your focus from a year-end finish line to a week-end finish line to see compounded results.

By navigating one week at a time you will build success habits that improve over time.  This then leads to better productivity and, ultimately, greater success.

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