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How To Build A Robust Referral Network | Mastroianni Consulting

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business; the barometer of the business’s success. They are especially crucial for small businesses who rely heavily on word of mouth advertising. But, how do you go about building a robust referral network?

In this article we will discuss eight ways to identify and grow your referral network.

1. Be referral-worthy
Mediocrity will never build a strong referral network. You need to provide a level of service that makes it easy for people to refer you. Remember, a referral is also a reflection of the standards of the person giving the referral. To be referral-worthy, you need to become known for being a person of high standards and integrity. The higher your standards are, the more willing people will be to refer you.

2. Identify friends and family who know a lot of people
Those in our inner circle who have a large social network are natural ambassadors and can be a great source of referral business.

3. Clients – past or present
Ask them for a testimonial. Provided you have demonstrated value, they will usually be happy to comply. Another method is simply by asking for customer feedback or reviews and then turning that feedback into a testimonial on your website (with their permission, of course). Testimonials are powerful examples of the social proof of your expertise.

4. Chance encounters
Be prepared when meeting new people through chance encounters by having ice-breaking opening lines ready to go to initiate a conversation. Wear a name badge or logo-branded clothing that will prompt someone to inquire as to what you do. Offer them a business card if they have questions or want to keep in touch.

5. Professional, business and service contacts
These indispensable contacts are the people that you meet while conducting your business. They are an excellent source of referrals who, in turn, should also be the recipients of referrals from you. Over time they will become your strategic business partners.

6. Get involved!
Join an association, organization, community or hobby group. Contribute your expertise, make friends and give back. Make a difference!

7. Identify friends and family who live out of state
These connections can be anywhere. The wider the sphere, the larger the pool for referrals. Simply let them know that you are part of a referral network and can assist their friends and family with trusted referrals.

8. Show gratitude
Be thankful. Be humble. And stay in touch!

Building a robust referral network begins and ends with excellence, authenticity and a firm commitment to exceeding the expectations of the referrer and the person being referred. Be genuine, care, do great work and don’t be afraid to ask for business.


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